5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Own Well-Being

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Own Well-Being

When talking to friends, family, and the greater online community these days, one thing is overwhelmingly apparent — stress, anxiety, and burnout are real, prevalent, and one might even argue ingrained into our way of life.

While there aren’t any true cure-alls for the wear and tear of modern living, there are many things that you can do to improve your own well-being and possibly the well-being of those around you. Afterall, the well-being around you does affect your own well being.

From the use of natural body products to simply taking dedicated time for yourself, AJABA Naturals™ will provide five easy ways to improve your self-care and wellness in today’s blog. To shop our lineup of cruelty-free, natural body products, visit our online store today.


This is something that almost none of us do enough of. Culturally, we feel pressured to cram as much productivity — for work, for our family, and for ourselves — as we can into every hour of every day. Rest ends up becoming associated with sleep, and in truth, they are not the same thing.

Make sure to carve out a couple of hours a week to spend time resting. From power naps to meditation to cuddle time on the couch with your partner, take time to rest at least once a week, and protect this time by insisting that you do it.


Rest and relaxation can sometimes be accomplished at the same time, but for the sake of better self-care and wellness, we recommend letting them live in their own space. You know how you like to relax better than anyone else. Maybe it’s with a book. Maybe it’s in a hot bath with a natural body product like a sugar scrub or aromatic bath bomb. Maybe it’s both. Whatever you do to relax, make time for it on a weekly basis.


Revitalization is one of the things that many people are not as good at as they think they are. Revitalization is not about an emptying out of negative energy like exercise provides, but it is rather about something that fills you up. This might be time spent in nature, time spent volunteering and helping others with gifts of your time, or it may be as simple as a board game night with the family. To revitalize, consider what gives you the greatest sense of peace, joy, and happiness, and work to spend time doing those things.

Realize The Benefits

To get the most out of your wellness routines, it’s important to be aware of what they do for you. To better accomplish this, we here at AJABA Naturals™ recommend making time for a small meditation, devotional time, or reflective period after resting, relaxing, and revitalizing. 

Ask yourself, “what did this do for me?” and, “how has this improved my sense of wellness?” Asking these questions lets you soak in the actual benefits of your time spent on self-care, and encourages you to continue making these acts a part of your routine.


Now that you are feeling better and taking more time for yourself, look for ways to re-invest in those around you. From your family to your friends to your local community, work to share your tips, encourage wellness in others, and dedicate your time to improving the state of your local community. Trust us, it will truly be the icing on the self-care cake.

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