What Is Zen, And What Can You Learn From It?

What YOU Need to Know About Zen

What is Zen? This is a question that has been asked, studied, explored, and answered — more on that soon — for thousands of years. At AJABA Naturals™, we believe that personal Zen is an important part of taking care of yourself, both emotionally and physically, and we incorporate the principles of Zen into the creation and crafting of each and every one of our natural body products.

In today’s blog, we will briefly explore the ideas and principles of Zen as they apply to a self-care and wellness mindset that you can build into your daily, weekly, and monthly routines. To learn more about or purchase our Zen Collection of cruelty-free, natural body products, shop online at AJABA Naturals™ today.

What is Zen?

This is as complex, and yet as simple, as the question, “what is love?” And sometimes, it’s easier to consider what it is not. Zen is not a philosophy, but it can be. Zen is not strict adherence to a set of rules, although it can be used to inform your decisions and actions.

In short, Zen is something that you know and feel on a personal level, but it is something, like love, that is done with intention and purpose. The idea of Zen comes from the 6th century BCE and is linked to Siddhartha Gautama — the man who the modern world knows as the Buddha.

Buddha’s teachings emphasized an intentional form of reflection, thoughtfulness, presentness in the moment, and striving for realization about both the concrete and relative, or abstract, world. In short, the concept of Zen is that of being aware, being intentional, and using a form of meditation to do so.

The Fundamentals of Zen And Wellness

While many people tend to view Buddhism as a religion, many others do not. They instead see it as a philosophy or a way of life. And many scholars believe that according to the teachings of Buddha, the latter is a more accurate view. 

As such, applying the principles of Zen to self-care is not a religious or spiritual act, although it can be if that is meaningful to the practitioner. At AJABA Naturals™, we believe that intentional self-care is important for your wellness. 

Being present in the moment to recognize, or realize, that your wellness can be improved and that improved wellness can improve your ability to care for others, do your job, and make good life choices holds real meaning and value.

Being aware that the products that you use matter, both in terms of how and where they are made, what impact they have on animals and the environment, and considering the deep, and often unseen, effects of your purchasing choices matters.

And finally, taking meditative time to not just promote self-care, but to reinforce its importance and impact in your life and the lives of those within your sphere of influence, rounds out the Zen of self-care and wellness.

AJABA Naturals™ And The Principles Of Zen

At AJABA Naturals™, we craft all-natural body products that are sourced responsibly, developed cruelty-free, and designed to promote wellness in the lives of our customers. Our commitment to Zen is ongoing as we continue to increase our awareness of how we can do even better in all of these areas. For more Zen in your life, take some intentional time for yourself and take care of your wellness with AJABA Naturals™ natural body products.

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