How To Have A Spa Night At Home

Ajaba Naturals Ultimate Guide to a Luxurious Spa Night At Home

The spa night: that elusive, intoxicating, and dare we say much-needed time for taking care of the hardest working person in your life — you. However, with a job, a family, and all of the other responsibilities that are laid out on your plate, how do you even begin to try and make room for a whole evening for yourself? 

In today’s blog from AJABA Naturals™, we will provide tips, ideas, and product suggestions for things like sugar scrubs to help you plan and achieve a lovely and restorative spa night in your very own home. You can find the all-natural lineup of products listed in this blog, as well as much, much more at our online store to help make your spa night the best it can be.

Plan Ahead

So where to begin? How about picking a night on the calendar that doesn’t currently have something written in? That’s right — if you treat your spa night like everything else in your life — a responsibility — then it deserves a spot on the calendar. 

Planning ahead for a luxurious spa night at home with a hot bath, some sugar scrubs, and your favorite soft sounds is important to make sure that it happens. With everything that you have going on in your life, failing to plan ahead and carve out time will lead to the same results you always get when trying to have a spa night — you’ll just push it back to another unprotected day, and the cycle of not enough self-care will continue.

Some more benefits of writing out a spa night on the calendar include giving you something to look forward too, reminding you to get online and get the sugar scrubs, bath oils, and other products that you want to use, and sending a direct message to the entire family that this night — this one night — is yours.

Create An Ambiance

We recommend deciding on this ahead of time, too, because having the right kind of ambiance is important. Get one of the kids, or your significant other, to clean the tub, shower, and bathroom the day before, so you can relax in a clean space while bathing. 

Select the sightssmells and sounds that you want to accompany your bath time. Whether you want to rely entirely on the luscious aromas of all-natural, high-quality bath products like those from AJABA Naturals™, or you want to include potpourri, candles, or incense, make sure you have what you need ahead of time. When it comes to your special spa night at home, you shouldn’t have to make any compromises.

Finally, select some music that will help you settle into the evening while simultaneously blocking out the ambient noise of the rest of the household. This latter achievement, a herculean feat in some households, can also be accomplished by asking the rest of the family to also take the night to do something together or for themselves — outside of the house. 

Soothe Yourself

Getting out of your standard operating procedures and allowing yourself to relax can be harder than you would like, so we recommend starting with something soothing. In most cases, a nice, hot bath is the way to go. 

A hot bath provides relaxation for your stiff muscles and joints while also opening up your pores and allowing the skincare products you are going to use to fully penetrate and work the maximum effect. Bubble baths, bath bombs, bath oils, and bath teas are all excellent ways to unwind and prepare yourself for all of the self-love to come as the evening progresses.

Cleanse Your Skin

Choose a cleanser or exfoliating product like AJABA Naturals’™ line of sugar scrubs to invigorate your skin, remove dry, dead cells, and rejuvenate yourself, both emotionally and physically while enjoying your soothing bath.

This will further help to prime you for the rest of the evening and take you into an even further state of relaxation and self-care that you will know has been long overdue by this point in the evening.

Make Time For Aftercare

One of the places that people go wrong when it comes to their at-home spa night is ending the evening when their half an hour-long bathtub gets drained. It is imperative that you realize that this is only the beginning of the night because making time for aftercare, quiet time, and more soothing self-treatments is a crucial part of making the positive effects of your spa night run over into the following day and days beyond.

After your bath, your cleansed and exfoliated skin is ready to be rehydrated with your favorite lotion or body oil. Take time and indulge by applying one of these hydrating skincare products all over your body, not just in the usual places like your hands and legs.

Follow this up with any special self-care products and activities that are rare, but treasured, in your life. Common favorites include a face mask, a cup of tea, a good book, a favorite television show without the chaos of the household to distract you, and a hot foot soak in salts or tea bath to help detoxify your system. However, this can look any way you want it to. After all, even though you might not always make time for it, you do know best when it comes to taking care of yourself.

End On A High Note

One of the most important aspects of a successful and effective at-home spa night is ending it on a high note. By this, we mean that the last thing you want to do is find yourself taking a deep breath and breaking back into the standard evening operations like cooking, preparing lunches, picking out clothes, or putting kids to bed. 

Either plan to have these things done ahead of time, or enlist the help of your partner or a friend, so you can simply say goodnight, thank your family for their help in making this a reality for you, and head to bed to relax or sleep at your leisure.

Visit AJABA Naturals™ For All Your At-Home Spa Night Needs

At AJABA Naturals™, we support a self-driven commitment to self-care and discovering moments of Zen in your life. We do this by providing the highest quality, all-natural body and skincare products to people everywhere. So get that spa night penciled in on your calendar, and then visit our online store to get the sugar scrubs, body oils, bath products, and more to make the most of your night, because we know that you deserve it, and you know it, too.

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