Relaxation, Sleep and the Sense Of Calmness

Relaxation, Sleep and the Sense Of Calmness

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Hello Friends!

Thank you for joining me this week as I highlight one of my favorite Ajaba Naturals products.  Additionally, I will also leave you with some healthy tips to assist you with your overall Wellness and Wellbeing! So let’s jump right in.

I wanted to start off the week by asking a couple questions, that I would really like for you to answer honestly with yourself. Are  you feeling an increase in tension, worry, agitation or sleeplessness? Are you experiencing new forms of pressure or nervousness? If you have answered yes to any of these you are not alone. We are all encountering a new era where we have to be careful and cautious with every step we take. 

We now understand that the actions we take, not only affect our wellbeing, but they also affect our children, aging parents, neighbors, and community members.  And to add to our stress levels we have News outlets releasing new information daily, (which often feels like hourly). This can feel a bit unbearable at times. But you will get through this! 

Ajaba Naturals has an amazing Lavender Calming Bath and Body Oil that I am just in love with! I have been using the oil, paired with a wellness night routine and I have seen results. Remember friends, routine is so key when you want to see results, so follow these steps to get started on your journey to find some calm in the midst of the chaos.  Your inner and outward self will love you for the extra care.

Body Oil Routine

First, go ahead run that hot shower and wash away the day’s stress from your body.  After you have wiped away the excess water off your skin, apply the oil to your hands, work your way to your arms, and then reach down to your stomach. Take a deep breath, and then rub the oil onto your legs.  Lastly, reach for your feet and massage the oil on top and on the bottom.  Once you have applied a thin layer to each part of your body. Reach your hands to your face and take in a deep breath, and allow the fragrance of the lavender to calm your senses and center you in the moment. If there are any additional pressure points you would like to add the oil to, go ahead and do so This is your very own routine so make it yours!

Your body should now feel moisturized and the smell of lavender should surround you. Expect the smell of lavender to stay on your skin all night and when you awake in the morning, you should also feel the softness the oil provides. 

Ajaba Naturals Lavender Calming Bath & Body Oil is infused with moisturizing oils, such a jojoba, argan, and rose hip, which aids in its moisturizing and calming properties.  The Lavender Calming Oil has been designed to encourage a better sense of peaceful emotion.

Now Let's talk Wellness.  In addition to the Ajaba Naturals Lavender Calming Oil, I’d like to share this calming tea recipe with you to aid with your night time routine.  It is a simple recipe   one of my dear Aunties shared with me, to help me with sleeplessness. I think you may already have the ingredients in your cabinet already. 

Bay Leaves Tea recipe 

2 cups of Water

3 Bay leaves

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Boil 2 cups of water.  While water is boiling, add Bay leaves and 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon to the boiling mixture.  When the water turns a dark rich color, turn off stove and pour the mixture from the pot into your favorite mug.  Once slightly cooled, sip the tea and enjoy!

Whether your thing is prayer or meditation.  Take a moment to reflect on all the positive aspects of your day, and allow your thoughts to clear and get ready for a good night’s sleep. Dim the lights in the space you are in, or turn them completely off. Put on some nature sounds and exist in the calmness of the moment you have created.  Allow the warmth that you now feel in your stomach from the tea to ease your tension and calm your nerves. Get into a comfortable place where you can rest. Whisper positive affirmations to yourself. Close your eyes and allow sleep to come over you!  Thanks again friends for visiting The Wellness Corner, and I will see you again next Monday with more Tips and a New Ajaba Naturals product. Sweet dreams Friends!


I will try the tea. Thanks Cassandra.

Helen Burgess

I Absolutely Love AJABA Naturals and what they do for my skin – I be placed 3 orders for myself and 4 others for Friends and Families.

Kim Gay

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