Welcome to Wellness Corner with Cassandra

Welcome to Wellness Corner with Cassandra

Wellness Corner

 Hello Friends!!

Happy Mother's Day and Welcome to the Weekly Wellness Corner with Cassandra and Ajaba Naturals. I will be bringing you a weekly highlight of my favorite Ajaba Naturals products paired with some healthy living tips to jump start your week every Monday.

So friends, Lets get started!

With my increased hand washing post pandemic, I find that my hands have become extremely dry and flaky. I have combated this by applying the All Natural Oatmeal & Coconut Unscented Lotion to my skin three times a day. First, beginning when I awake in the morning. Next, right after lunch . And Lastly right before bed. Routine is so vital when it comes to great long term care of skin! Because the Ajaba Naturals lotion does not leave behind a greasy residue, the pores in my skin are easily penetrated and the feeling of softness lasts for hours at time. (Even with my constant hand washing and sanitizing) The  All Natural Oatmeal & Coconut Unscented Lotion has a moisturizing formula that is gentle on sensitive skin, however it packs major moisture for even the driest of skin. Leaving skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. I am positive you will see improvements in your skin after the first week of using this routine. Happy Moisturizing Friends!

 Now, Lets talk Wellness and Mindfulness!

 Here are a couple tips to keep you Centered, Healthy and Happy! This week try focusing on good drinking habits. This has nothing to do with happy hour, but everything to do with focusing on Water! What we put into our bodies matters so much. And so this week I suggest swapping sugary drinks with water as well as incorporating water with all three meals in your day. You can even get a little fancy if you want to throw in a cucumber, some fresh mint or lemon. But it is totally not necessary. Our skin thirsts for water. And your skin will be thankful for the minor adjustment to your diet. Water is known to also get rid of toxins in your system, and studies have shown that it can help with skin issues, such as acne. Overall water is a simple way to add hydration back into your body and assist your skin with achieving natural glow and repair. So get your shine on this week! And I'll catch you next Monday with some new tips! For those of you who like a little extra in your water try this recipe!

Refreshing Cucumber Water

6 cups of water

8 Cucumber Slices

4 fresh mint Leaves

1 inch piece ginger root sliced thin and peeled

Ice cubes

2 lemon slices

1 pitcher    


Slice 8 pieces of cucumber in circular pieces and add to small pitcher. Add 4 fresh mint leaves to pitcher Next , peel and slice 1 inch piece of ginger root very thinly. Add to pitcher . Lastly, add 6 cups of water. Place ice cubes in your favorite glass, and pour your mixture over it. Add your straw and taste. Remember this is not going to taste like your usually alcoholic mojito. (Go ahead and add a drop of honey, if you just need a little sweet). The properties in the cucumbers will assist in your skin’s overall hydration. Grab a seat on your porch and enjoy the sounds of nature. Raise your head, let the sun touch your face and absorb some good Vitamin D. (Don’t forget the sunscreen!)

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