Your Smile is Essential

Your Smile is Essential

Hello Friends!

Welcome to another week on the Wellness Corner With Cassandra. This week, let’s take a look at dental care and how it relates directly to your health and Wellbeing.

 Do you dread dental visits? The variable copayment associated with the appointment can be annoying, as well as the long wait times and the unexpected out of pocket costs can be a burden. The pain, drilling, and having to keep your mouth utterly wide open while your dentist sticks metal objects into small crevasses in between your teeth can be undesirable, yet necessary. Though I have not created the most picturesque dental office experience; dental check-ups are so essential to your health. The longer you wait in-between visits, the scarier these visits can become.  

Teeth and Mental, Emotional Health

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how your teeth affect your mental and emotional health?  For instance, if you like your smile, you are more likely to smile instead of feeling self-conscious about yourself.

And when we laugh, we tell others and our brain that we are happy. If you are not smiling, you are indirectly telling your mind that you are not satisfied.  Therefore, let’s take care of our smile so that we feel comfortable sharing it with others, to build our confidence and increase our overall wellness. We all benefit from smiles. And your smile is essential! 


 Don't miss Visits

According to, 1 in 4 Americans have tooth decay that has gone untreated, and 46 % of adults aged 30 and above show signs of gum disease.  These statistics are disturbing and warrant immediate attention and change. Gum disease, cavities, and some oral cancers can disrupt your health if not treated immediately, leading to more severe complications in the body. Also, did you know that chronic pain and inflammation can lead to poor dental health?  Granted, I understand that there are several factors that we cannot control with oral hygiene, such as aging, and the side effects that some medication has on our bodies.  However, there are some preventative methods that we can take, in hopes to improve oral health, and increase self-esteem, when it comes to our smile. 



A few quick tips

According to, here are a few tips to assist with your oral health:

1. Brush your teeth at least two times a day.
2. Use a fluoride toothpaste and drink water with fluoride.
3. Visit a dentist 1 to 2 times per year.
4. Decrease your use of alcohol, and eliminate tobacco products.
5. Stay in Control of Diabetes to decrease gum disease.
6. Consult a doctor if smell and taste begin to change.
7. Consult your doctor if you develop dry mouth.
8. Assist and aid aging adults and children with flossing.


Do the Research On your Dental Provider

 Great dental providers are essential! If you like your dentist, you will be more likely to go back and see that provider regularly.  I remember researching my last dentist for months.  I interviewed family members that received treatment from him, read reviews, and even checked out his mission statement before choosing to make an appointment with him. When I finally made it into his office, I was impressed by the professional care I was given. I was also delighted with the referral he gave me to the oral surgeon that performed my surgery.


Furthermore, friends, get to the dentist regularly and take care of your teeth from home in-between visits by brushing, flossing, and rinsing.  Make tooth care something fun, and if you have small children, play music for them as they clean their teeth.  Make your oral health a priority. Decrease your risk for certain periodontal diseases and boost your overall confidence, at work, play, and while engaging with others. 


Parsley is linked to helping strengthen teeth. Here is an easy sauté to incorporate into your diet.

 Zucchini and Parsley Sauté

  1. Two medium zucchini sliced thin
  2. 1/3 cup fresh parsley chopped
  3. Two tablespoons Olive Oil
  4. ½ teaspoon garlic salt
  5. ½ teaspoon black pepper
  6. medium size cooking skillet
Add olive oil to the skillet and set the temperature to medium heat.  Allow the pan to warm. Next, add the sliced zucchini. Sprinkle the chopped the garlic salt and black pepper.  Lastly, add the chopped parsley, and sauté for about 7-10 minutes until zucchini is at your desired texture.


Remove skillet from heat. Serve immediately. And Enjoy!


My Self-Care with Ajaba Naturals

Friends, while you are taking care of your teeth this week, please do not forget about your lips and the importance of keeping them moisturized!  Ajaba Naturals has a Rose Lip balm that is sure to keep your lips young, fresh, and hydrated.  The ingredient list includes Rosehip, jojoba, coconut, sweet almond,vitamin E, and beeswax. The Ajaba Naturals Rose Lip balm has a beautiful rose smell that is soft and soothing.  Pair this Rose Lip balm with your dental health regimen, and I’m sure you will start to feel better about your lips and smile. 

Have a great week, and I will see you next week on the Wellness Corner with Cassandra.

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