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Candle Refill Kit by Ajaba Naturals

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$20.00 USD

Transform your candle-making experience with the Candle Refill Kit by Ajaba Naturals. The kit contains 3 scented discs, 3 wicks with stickers, and 3 holders for effortless wick placement and easy to follow instructions. It's easy to use and you can even repurpose your own candle jars! Simply place the wick in the center of the wax discs and light, or attach it to your vessel and melt the wax for a personalized creation. Our wick holder guarantees the wick stays in place as the wax sets. We have many of our scents to select from!


  • 3 scented discs- approx 3 oz each
  • 3 cotton wicks with 6 wick stickers
  • 3 wooden wick holders
  • Easy to follow direction on the back of our packaging