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  • Gardenia Filled Bath Tea Bags
  • Gardenia Filled Bath Tea Bags
  • Gardenia Filled Bath Tea Bags
  • Gardenia Filled Bath Tea Bags
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Gardenia Filled Bath Tea Bags

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So lovely and exotic is  the gardenia bloom,
Captivating beauty shimmers under a full moon
Its scent reminiscent of a sultry summer night
Soft, velvet petals of the purest white

These beautifully-scented tea bags are all-natural. The aromas will fill your tub, creating a sanctuary for your senses. Float in a pool of floral scents and get carried away by the essential oils. Each jar contains three, 3 oz. bath teas that can be used as they are or added loosely into your bath.

  • All of our sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, bath salts, and bath teas include a wooden spoon
  • All of our bath teas incude two organza drawstring bags to fill if you prefer not to have petals floating in your bath
  • Gardenia Floral Bath Tea is a part of our Botanical Collection
  • All of our salts are Guaranteed Certified Authentic


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